April 04, 2008

Have you heard about this new "explosive" documentary about Muslim extremism called "Finta"? Apparently it has loony tunes Muslims in an uproar. Since this is the same group that gets its panties in a wad about f'ing cartoons, their outrage troubles me not in the least.

The NY Times had a story about it a couple days ago but no mention where the film is to be found, a cowardly move I think. Note it is called a Dutch film "against" Islam rather than "about" Islam.

I haven't seen the film, just heard about it from people here who have. But I don't think there is much room at all for disagreement of the craziness of Islamic fundamentalists and I see no reason to do anything but to condemn them without hesitation anbd clearly identify their ideas as crazy and wrong and their actions as crazy and wrong.

You won't be able to see the film because it seems to have been removed from every site that had it up (like liveleak)

and the the US company that hosted the site has taken it down for dubious reasons:

A WEB hosting company in the US has suspended a website reserved by Dutch
MP Geert Wilders to screen an anti-Islamic film that has sparked wide
condemnation and fears of a backlash.
"Network Solutions has received a number of complaints regarding this site that are under investigation," the company said in a message posted online.
Although the website was taken offline, Mr Wilders said he still wanted to put the film "on the internet quickly" but did not specify how. He also said he would not allow anyone to
see the film before it was broadcast, the Dutch ANP news service reported.
Until yesterday, Mr Wilders' website had shown the cover of a Koran on a
black background with the text: "Coming soon: Finta".
Network Solutions said it was investigating if the site conformed to its guidelines and said it could
not allow "any material in violation of any applicable law" to be published
online. This includes material deemed harassing, hate propaganda, threatening, harmful or "otherwise objectionable". The service provider also cited technical reasons for possibly taking the site offline including "excessive use of services which shall impair the fair use of other Network Solutions customers".
Mr Wilders, a far-right lawmaker, plans to release the movie attacking Islam and the Koran despite complaints from religious groups and warnings it could provoke violent protests around the world.

I find this a bit strange and quite a bit sad (among other things).

It is definitely evidence that terrorism works, since the nutjobs in the Middle East can parade around and shout slogans and maybe burn a flag or two and release yet another fatwa, and the mainstream West censors itself and feels terrible for things like "the free expression of ideas". Meanwhile, every kind of American kook from the radical left and right can get a website but something that shows radical Islamists cutting people's heads off, that is somehow beyond the ken? No comprendo.

Even assuming that this film crosses the line from stridency into some kind of advocacy, let's guess if any American politician will stand up clearly for free speech in this case and defend the film as they would defend (to pick an example purely at random) Rev. Wright's hate speech for instance?

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