May 26, 2008

AP News :

Geez, the drug killings in Mexico (up 47% and on track to overtake American Iraq fatalities at this rate) have gotten so high even the generally clueless NYTimes has begun to notice. Methinks it is just to prepare the way for more U.S. military, financial, and legal interventionism in Mexico in pursuit of this utterly failed policy when Barry Obama gets elected. But that is just methinking.

One question I have though is this: when you put a head or two in a cooler, do you think it is one of those cheap white styrofoam coolers, or one of the more robust plastic ones?

AP News : "Police found the four severed heads in ice chests outside a highway convenience store in the northern state of Durango, along with unspecified threatening messages, the state government said. The bodies were not found, and the victims were not identified."

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