May 28, 2008

The crackdown on Mexican immigrants in Northern Virginia is driving people away, leading to the really depressing and even terrifying prospect that the Mexican rodeos and concerts will not be going on this summer in Manassas...

The Associated Press: No. Va. county sees signs of change amid crackdown

Though there are three "Spanish rodeos" scheduled at the Prince William Fairgrounds for the summer. What is the likelihood they are "Spanish"?

and in the now familiar story, the ripple effects of the US slowdown are felt severely on the otro otro lado

The U.S. Recession Hits Home -- in Mexico: "The U.S. slowdown is compounding poverty in rural Mexico as jobless migrants struggle to pay for rent and groceries, let alone send money home.

The money Mexican migrants in the U.S. send home, known as remittances, nearly tripled over four years to $23.7 billion in 2006, but rose only 1% last year and fell slightly in the first three months of 2008, according to Mexico's central bank. Experts say tougher anti-immigration measures in some states have also made it harder for migrants to send back money. In a recent poll of 5,000 Latin Americans living in the U.S. by the Inter-American Development Bank, or IADB, 81% said it was harder to get a well-paying job than a year ago. Only half were regularly sending money home, compared with 73% in a 2006 survey."

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