November 17, 2008

I happened on the website of this guy Alec Dempster, who is a hell of a visual artist and also a recorder of traditional music in Veracruz (where he lives). Hard to beat that combination.

I bought one of the cds he produced when I was down in Veracruz a couple of years ago, it is a superb collection of music from Santiago Tuxtla and San Andrés Tuxtla. I just discovered that there
are a bunch more recordings he has done and even a cd of his own playing. You should go order all of them, like this one of Son Jarocho fiddling of rare tunes on a traditional cedar fiddle. (you can get them all from so you might as well just get them all).

Check out his artwork on his webpage. Needless to say this guy gets it, at least to these eyes. And saving this music and making it available is a heroic task. I'd like to buy him a beer.

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