November 17, 2008

Undismayed has been a bit remiss. The election soaked up a lot of focus, to be sure, and then so did everything else.

November is the start of the cockfighting season in Virginia.
(it is true, cockfighting has its own season. Even though it's a felony now in the Commonwealth.) I've been so busy around here that I failed even to consider that law enforcement in Virginia is figuring out ways to sidestep this silly new felony crime.

Even though the election is over I am still obsessed with Sarah Palin. Or, perhaps a better description is that I am filled with astonishment of her renewable stupidity and I continue to fear the danger she represents to us all. She isn't going away, and she is young, so we are gonna be a-stuck with her for a long, long time. I wish she was a John Edwards type, tainted forever because of the loss, but the difference is nobody liked that philandering fuckwit to begin with, and Palin has much of the idiot vote passionately in love with her.

Maybe enough of them will stick their heads in the ovens in the Great Depression II, but I doubt it.

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