January 09, 2009

I am wondering why there are not more people calling for massive crushing reaction against the cheats and swindlers (that is, the rich elites and their lapdogs in the Republican party) who have so thoroughly fucked things up for us all.

I am thinking this because today I received my current retirement statement and, whoa now, 40-fucking% of it is flat out gone.

I was prepared for some decline, maybe even upwards of 25-30%, no problem (and saw one last quarter) but 40% actually pisses me off. That's a lot of scratch. 40% seems more than unreasonable. It is f'ing insane.

Why is no one calling for actual retribution? Fucking payback? Revenge is sweet, and all of that? Let's get something for our 40%. let's at least be given the pleasure of seeing the rich suffer!

Why are Americans such sheep that we accept this recession and losses when they are largely manmade by poor decisions? And meanwhile the "deciders" from Bush on down are prancing about without a care (ok, except that German billionaire dude who stepped in front of the train).

Let's at least feel better by impoverishing some of these thieves. And let's spread the wealth around with a bit of vigor.

Obama's $1000 tax break? Fuck you. I elected you to destroy capitalism in this country and redistribute wealth, like you promised Joe the Plumber. Start redistributing now. Keep the campaign promise.

What we need now are Huey Long style Share Our Wealth clubs.

One way I will feel better is to see some investment bank CEO marched out his house at gunpoint while crack mothers smear their shit all over his possessions. That seems sensible, and kind of amusing in a 40% kind of way.

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