January 12, 2009

Gone but not forgotten

It has been a good year for Richmond and for Norfolk in terms of murders. Fewer people are being killed in each city, even though if you read the paper the deaths do seem really common. But in fact there are only about 2-3 per month in each city... (rates for the Hampton Roads cities are

Style Weekly, the free reader in Richmond (which is actually a decent rag, compared with the free reader in Norfolk called Portfolio, which fellates the equine family, as the saying goes) has published a list of the 32 killed people It is a terrible thing to read, this list of the mostly young dead.

I don't think it dishonors the dead to list a couple of notable names:
LaMoan Hart, 20 years old, killed Sept 26

and my favorite:
Marijuana Thompson, age 31, killed Nov. 6.

Still, he (she?) had 31 good years with the name Marijuana.

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