February 13, 2009

I was having my mind blown listening to Mingus at Antibes tonight, which I haven't listened to in at least a decade and which is an unbelievably kick ass piece of work that you should direct yourself to stat. (take a break from the norteƱo polkas for a day).

Poking around about Mingus I come across that his papers are now at the Library of Congress (since 2005, but I haven't been paying attention) so that is a tempting thing to go wade into sometime. Here's the finding aid for it.

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karl toffel said...

Here's something

Cultivation of personal magnetism in seven progressive steps , by Edmund Shaftesbury. Meriden, Conn.: Ralston University Press, 1925. Pages were carved out the center of this book and it served as a housing for Mingus' firearm.