February 15, 2009

Surrounded by Ascension Technologists, teaching of the Mystery Schools

I have had enough of dumbfucks today. Good reason to have a blog, to air these feelings...only reason to have a blog...or two...

One variant of dumbfuck is really common around here in the 757--the white gangbanger. Perhaps more pathetic than anything else. Is there anything stupider than some pasty white dude holding up his hugely baggy pants with one hand with a stiff brimmed baseball hat directed to the 3 o'clock position? And no, it is not just that I am old, this is an uniquely fucking idiotic look.

The second breed of dumbfuck I am dwelling on at the moment is the first time ebay buyer. These time consuming shitstains almost invariably pay too much for something, have a hard time figuring out how to pay, email questions constantly, need reassurance and handpatting, and then want a freaking refund. Always a hassle. And, worse yet, there is almost certainly a guarantee that I myself have already spent their goddamn illspent money! What flows in must flow out. The wind blows forward and the dust blows back. One red bean stuck in the bottom of a tin can.

And finally, (feeling better now) is there a dumberfuck than a yoga instructor? Or at least, a yoga instructor who feels compelled to write a description of her "practice". To wit~ (I've highlighted particular inanities)

"Breathwork/Bio-energy Facilitator & Creative Spiritual Life Coach Yoga & Meditation Teacher XXXX has studied and continues to study with a variety of teachers of Yoga, Alchemy, and the teaching of the Mystery Schools. She has been studying and teaching yoga since 1993. She has degree in Liberal Arts with focus on Philosophy, Religion, and Spiritual Studies. She has a strong private practice and teaches within the community. XXXX’s approach to teaching and guiding comes from her exploration and personal practice. She has a unique, playful and articulate way of guiding people into the understanding of the process of transforming from the inside out. XXXX teaches by example as she understands that we can not take anyone into places we have not personally gone. She began her studies of yoga, breath, and meditation in the early 1990’s with Kathleen Barratt at the Subtle Energy Institute in Virginia Beach, VA. She is recognized as an advanced teacher in facilitating and teaching Breathwork and meditation with groups and individuals, and she continues her studies through the Subtle Energy Institute. She has completed her training in Basics through Level One in Bio-energy as taught by Margaret and Mietek Wirkus. She is a certified teacher of the KaliRayTriYoga Method of Hatha Yoga. Basics through Level 2. She started studying with TriYoga in 1996. ..... spiritual mentoring, creative life coaching and she is an Ascension Technologist. Her certifications are with.... Bio-energy - Mystery School Studies, Personal Process and Spiritual Counseling : Conscious Living: Healing the Mind, Empowering the Spirit ` chakra series for the Soul BluePrint. Suzanna Kennedy ~ Certified in Divine Human Upgrades. Ascension Technologist. Anchor your Soul And Divine BluePrint On A Personal Note: It is a passion for me to support others in seeking what they desire to create in life and to discover what attitudes and beliefs are not in alignment with that desire. It is a creative and exploratory process that allows us to align ourselves with the soul’s purpose. I have explored the concept of living from intention, and I know its importance in supporting, shaping, and transforming consciousness. I teach what I practice, and I realize that my life is a work in progress. I continue to study, explore and share with other teachers and truth-seeking beings. I am a student of life, continually striving to obtain spiritual awareness through relationships and through my intense personal desire for happiness, health, wellness, wellbeing, freedom and joy. I am heart-fully dedicated to providing a warm and inviting environment for students to discover consciousness through the body. We honor the union of body, mind and spirit as a sanctuary to which we turn for peace and equanimity and a deeper connection to the authentic Self."

p.s. Undismayed provides that much needed deeper connection to the authentic Self.

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