March 10, 2009

Every time one of these old timers passes on I start thinking about how I need to see the ones still living. I can remember writing almost the same thing a year and a half ago when Porter Wagoner died.

So as I was pondering the demise of Hank Locklin (who I never saw play) it occured to me that I had better go see Conway Twitty. I have been listening to a lot of Conway Twitty. He seemed to have recorded something like a hundred thousand records (plus the duets). I even have been sporting a Conway Twitty hairstyle many of these days, especially before I get around to cutting my hair back a bit (not by choice, I was given the hair of Conway Twitty and I wear it proudly).

But now I look him up and find that he has actually been dead for 16 years. Maybe this is something I should have known. Oh cruel world! Now I will never see him.

(You never miss your mother until she's gone!)

And now the terrible truth--Conway was called home and in his stead the forces of darkness have made CONWAY TWITTY: THE MAN, THE MUSIC, THE LEGEND, THE MUSICAL.

This is it, friends, End Times. Trials, Troubles, Tribulations.

His early rockabilly stuff is great, but hard to beat the classics. His voice is sounding a bit raw here:

or this, from 1971

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