December 17, 2009

Ramon Ayala has been busted playing at a private party for drug dealers in Mexico and now they are trying to pin money laundering charges on him. This is big news because he is a freaking huge star, it is hard to think of an equivalent situation here. The only part of that that surprises me is that he was busted, which must mean that the Mexican government is trying to send a signal.

I personally would be shocked to find out that musicians deal with drug dealers and/ or launder drug money, especially in a narco states like the United States and Mexico. The only difference between the two might be that the drug money is not rinsed clean through a corporation in Mexico and the talent has to stand tall before the man in a more literal way. Although periodically the state does nab a rapper just to prove some point.

Me, I just think it is charming that drug dealers have Christmas parties. If I was a Mexican drug lord I would definitely have Ramon Ayala play at my party. All of you would be invited.

The weird detail of the Ayala story is that it was the Mexican navy (??)that got him.

What is getting less press is that two hundred sailors of the Navy then appeared in Cuernavaca the next day and assassinated a drug kingpin named Arturo Beltran Leyva, jefe de jefes after a two hour gun battle.

uh, here is where Cuernavaca is

Why the navy? I wonder if this is the last uncorrupted part of the military structure. My suspicious side thinks that maybe the Navy is evening the score out for the Sinaloa cartel, striking deep and even humiliating poor Ramon.

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