January 07, 2010

Even by the bootlicking standards of the major press outfits, this roll-out of the Google phone has reached an impressive level of saturation. Why the hell is this? I don't even give the remotest shit about this but could not escape "news" of its many innovative features at each and every of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy news outlets that I listen to and/or read. I would expect this from my local paper--which, after all, only prints press releases or AP stories--but the reputable places with actual reporters really should be ashamed. Since when does a news-free product launch get covered as news?

And as long as I am ranting about the obvious (and be honest, you have missed the ranting with all of this smoke and mirrors about Mexican music), isn't this arrival of 3-D just flat out irritating? If Avatar is so advanced (more on that in a second) then why is it possible that at the same moment this supposedly revolutionary film was released any asshole with 10 grand can buy a TV that supplies it? Doesn't this essentially mean Avatar and the 3-D are product tie-ins for the fancy-panted set, like those Darth Maul glasses at Burger King?

Now on Avatar--I haven't seen it and kind of vaguely wasn't planning to bother. Not that I am opposed to painfully stupid movies, and I like sci fi things generally, I just have few chances to see flicks and the hype was annoying me. But anyway, the New Yorker arrived and I figured I would read David Denby's review (he at least evidently having a brain) and then feel vindicated about not seeing the movie because it was overblown and just kind of a bad movie and all of that. Then, strangely, Denby didn't just like the movie, he freaking gushed about it. To the point that it was clear he is getting some kind of payola.

So clearly everyone is on the take. I want in, show me where to sign. Undismayed wants a 3-D TV.

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