January 08, 2010

I am not sure what to make of the fact that one of ladies at the local post office is suddenly sporting the exact Sarah Palin hairdo. Maybe it means nothing, but it did kind of freak me out. Or maybe more accurate to say that it fascinated me. I really didn't have any deep thoughts other than uhhh, what the fuck? It is like wearing Marge Simpson's haircut or something, it is so ridiculous.

She (the mail lady, not former Gov. Palin) is also sporting one of those insane strip mall-tans that create the lines around her neck and make her look kind of reptilian.

It is all kind of intense, the tan combined with the Sarah Palin hair.

This lady is actually very nice. All the ladies at the post office are my pals since I usually am there all the got-damn time mailing ebay sales off. Recently I am a bit out of the loop though they are always happy to see me (or pretend*). I haven't been selling anything in the last few months because I've been working too much. It is long since time I quit this "working" nonsense and got back to the essentials of ebay sales, for shit's sake.

One thing that I have long been obsessed with, and probably even blogged about years ago, is her tendency to refuse to use the plural of "cents." It is not because she speaks ebonics, either. And it is way more pronounced than any ebonics speaker in my vicinity (which be my vicinity, by the way). It is so stridently done that it must be a deliberate choice to fuck with people. Why else would you say "that will be 25 dollars and 13 cent"? "seven dollars and 56 cent"? "your change is 78 cent."

So you combine the Sarah Palin hair, the tan, and the "cent"--and you see what I miss about going to the post office.

*how are they going to feel when future President Palin puts me in a Death Camp?

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