January 07, 2010

Speaking of TV, we dutifully got rid of our old tv last spring when it no longer got channels because of the digital switch over (right, tragically no cable) and we got a new one, which is admittedly pretty sweet the way it lightens up the wheeling a.v. cart, and looks its best at moments like when he just watched Baile Norteño on it the other day. Actually, I watched it, the long suffering old lady hid in the other room. Baile Norteño is worth watching if only to demonstrate how the unbelievably shitty music videos of twenty+ years ago are still being produced for the Mexican markets. Also, the English descriptions of these things are always brilliant because they are inaccurate to flat-out wrong, and because who the hell are they directed toward? Me?

But the point of this is to say that here we have this fancy new TV and even a new antenna , and the wonder of the digital signal is that if you don't get it perfectly you don't get it at all. Gone are the days of fuzzy tv signals, we don't get jack now and we can't even find out the numerous ways that WAVY-TV 10 is on our side.

So fuck the whole 3-D tv thing until they improve the antennas. We need Congressional hearings.

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