May 04, 2010

Speed drawing for Christ

This record was a pretty good find> "Evangelist Paul Turner sings: Songs I Draw By and others". I found it at a new, excessively Christian thrift store in Norfolk where all of the employees wandered around with unnerving grins plastered across their faces, including the just-out-of-prison dude with the large cross tattoo on the side of his neck.

It is worth zeroing in on the drawing he has made, especially the lifesaver cross.

Evangelist Paul Turner is from Roanoke, Virginia. On the back of the LP he details how he was drawn to the revival crusade. God gave evangelist Paul Turner another gift: "He also have me a chalk drawing ministry. In each revival service I do a drawing that corresponds with a hymn which takes about 10 minutes." he notes that "most of the songs on this record are songs used in connection with chalk drawings."

The music is the country-studio band type.

A lazy search for the whereabouts of Brother Paul via googling "Evangelist Paul Turner" now brings up the first choice of a blog called "Reverend Bitch, Sir, "The journey of an inner city open and proud gay pastor."

But oh, oh! add in Roanoke and you get to a whole discussion of the wide open field of chalk drawing ministry. Here is a sample of some fine fine work by a preacher in Collinsville, Virginia:

Clearly there is something going on with this type of ministry.

Evangelist Paul Turner signs his name with Mark 11:24. I looked this up, (hoping, I will admit, for something more of the serpent handling flavor) and found this:

"Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."

Oh, Lord, I do desire so very many things.

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