May 04, 2010

This is kind of nuts: Buried in this article about Eva Ybarra is the news that her home in San Antonio was robbed last month. They must have known what to look for:

" Stolen were a priceless Alberto Macias-made bajo sexto, a custom-made guitarra de golpe, a couple of bass guitars, recording equipment, jewelry, gold and personal items.

Adding to her blues, Ybarra lost her home to foreclosure. She's broke."

That last bit seems completely gratuitous, just no luck at all. It is insane that giants and pioneers of conjunto--or of any music-- can be so broke. Foreclosed on, even. It is all hard to believe. Santiago Jimenez, Sr. quit playing music for a time to be a janitor. Instead he should have been granted a full government salary just to play music.

Ybarra's recordings are ok, but she is absolutely great live. I am looking forward to seeing her next week when I finally return to (one of) the homeland(s).

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