October 31, 2013

I'm getting rid of a lot of records that I've had around for fuck all reason. Just packed up a 20 pound box of soca records. What I was doing with one soca record I don't know, let alone enough to fill a box. I don't even like soca music. In fact, to be honest, I fucking hate soca music. I find listening to it to be excruciating. I came into a box of records and held onto them long enough for me to question my sanity. This is not the first time (holding onto records, I mean). But I do like some of the covers, even if the music sucks.
I have a couple of these Erwin Suess and the Hoolerie Dutchman LPs as well that it is clearly time to send on their way. What I like about these is that the band members all list their day jobs on the back. Erwin himself was an order desk cleark at Farmland Industries Feed Mill, Mankato. I also like that the liner notes list where all of Erwin's six children live(d) and notes that his mother, Dora Suess, was living in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Erwin Suess died almost exactly a year ago.
seriously, is there any reason to keep this around just to be amused slightly at the albums? Though, mild amusement is not to be undervalued. And not all of this Midwestern polka stuff is terrible. It's just not good, that's the problem. More fun to hear live and dance to then to listen to. Music for not-;listening.

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